Sierra Nevada Referral Group (SNRG) – a referral only company, has been established for people who want to maintain an active Nevada Real Estate License.  IMPORTANT:  These individuals understand they are solely engaged in referring clients or customers and are not engaged in listing, selling, leasing or managing real property.  They maintain their license in a referral organization.

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6990 S McCarran Blvd Reno, NV


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how you benefit from SNRG

Benefits Associated

  • Exempt from annual dues to the National Association of REALTORS (NAR)
  • Exempt from annual dues to Nevada REALTORS (NVR) formerly called the Nevada Association of REALTORS (NVAR)
  • Exempt from annual dues to your local association like Sierra Nevada REALTORS (SNR) or Incline Village Board of REALTORS (IVBOR)
  • Exempt from monthly MLS fees

How to join

Next Steps

  • Submit your information HERE and we will inform you about the details of SNRG before you make a decision. No changes will be made to your license or status until you have completed all forms and paperwork required and submitted to the Nevada Real Estate Division.
  • If you are a new agent who does not yet have an active license – complete Form 549 which requires an original signature of Darrell Plummer as owner before mailing to Division (Click for Form 549)
  • If you an agent transferring from a real estate company to (SNRG) Form 505 needs to be signed by current Broker to terminate and obtain physical license (Click for Form 505)
  • Form 504 needs to be completed by agent and owner of SNRG (Click for form 504)