Why our agents love Sierra Nevada Properties!

Terry-Anne Kelly

"I was looking at brokerages in the Reno area that offered a comprehensive and structured training program. After meeting with Darrell and reading through the  website, I was confident that I would get the training required to be a competent and knowledgeable...

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Christina Skloff

"Sierra Nevada Properties CORE Training is setting me up for success! Each class provides such wonderful explanations on how to understand and manage situations that will come up. I have been taking copious notes to create my own scripts to practice so it becomes...

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Darian Bennett

"I joined Sierra Nevada Properties for the extensive training, the inclusive and friendly staff that is always ready to help with any questions, and the encouragement and confidence the team continues to pour into me! I’m so excited to see what the future holds for me...

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Matt Moriarty

  "As a newly licensed agent, training was paramount in my decision to work with Sierra Nevada Properties.  A lot of training is provided for new and experienced agents.  Darrell really makes sure all of the agents at SNP have all the knowledge they...

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Mike Duncan

"Agents who have never worked at another brokerage have no idea how lucky they are to have our Marketing Team and the rest of the staff. I really appreciate you guys!" Joined Sierra Nevada Properties in 2023

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Mike Codman

"Within my first couple months with Sierra Nevada Properties, our broker, staff & other agents have done so much to help me succeed!     Darrell has been there for all my questions with the best and most helpful answers. Julianne Holt has helped me...

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Darren Maxfield

  "I joined SNP because of the amazing training program. Every office member and fellow agents have been very helpful in this process of becoming an agent. My interview with Darrell also made me realize that I was going to be trained & working under the best...

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Walker Simeroth

"I was looking to change the way I approached my business and after speaking with a current Sierra Nevada Properties agent, I realized SNP would have the support and resources to help me achieve my goals.  In the short time I have been with Sierra Nevada...

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Mona Klotz

"I am super proud & impressed to be part of a brokerage with Darrell at its head. Darrell takes personal interest in each agent's growth & progress, not just professional growth, but personal as well. All the tools & gifts, like the books, are thoughtfully...

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Ethio Xolani

  "Sierra Nevada Properties's presence in Northern Nevada is formidable & it's branding is hard to miss & easy to remember. When I decided to become an agent, I already knew which firm I would be joining. Having been with Sierra Nevada Properties for a...

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What We Can Do For You

Sierra Nevada Properties will help you make your Real Estate business excel! In today’s market, agents need a trusted broker they can rely on, a supportive community of agents & a professional staff team. Sierra Nevada Properties has all that and more!


In-house support on the newest & best technology available!


The best career development move you will ever make!


Professionally trained staff in marketing, compliance, property management & more!


Broker, Agents & Staff work together to help each other grow their businesses!

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