“Joining Sierra Nevada Properties was an easy decision!  After speaking to several other brokers about their agencies and what they provided and their roles as a broker, the comparison was night and day.  Darrell’s commitment to supporting his agents is crystal clear in his actions, not just in his words.  The training, support, guidance and tools provided make agent success not only possible but probable.  I have not spoken to or met any other agents working for other brokers who have all the ‘perks’ Darrell offers to his team of agents.  Staying is an even easier decision.  The support of the staff could not be more appreciated! They are all outstanding in providing support with their knowledge and expertise as well as making working at Sierra Nevada Properties enjoyable.  Each time I meet a potential, or past client, or meet other agents in the industry I am proud to say I work for Sierra Nevada Properties.  Working for a company and group of people who have such integrity and respect in the community is key for me!”Vicky-Jones (Small)